My Story

Combining Wisdom with Energy

Nikola Tesla said; ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’

While the scope of interpretation for this quote is obviously extremely wide, the way I choose to interpret it for my work is that, while a sense of energy is inextricably linked with every aspect of our world, what if we start being more intense with the actual physical and emotional energy we put into our work. How much more impactful can we be? How richer would the outcome of our work be? How much more fulfilling will our lives be?

This became the focal point in my journey as a Transformative Coach as well as a Training and Speaking Professional. Combining the Wisdom I bring with the conscious energy I generate. Shortly put; Combining Wisdom with Energy. Come along with me?

Colouring Outside The Lines

My professional career started far away from the space of speaking and coaching. Despite what my instinct told me, I studied to be a Management Accountant. However, while doing that my colleagues preferred to get part time gigs at audit firms and apply for management trainee positions, I decided that I wanted to stand at a food court in a shopping mall and try and sell subscription packages or go deliver gifts to radio competition winners. Basically anything that didn’t involve me sitting behind a desk! Which is kind of ironic because my first ‘serious’ job was as a news reader for a radio station.

From there I switched to working as a project executive at a publication agency, I wasn’t very good at that job and then, I stumbled across the field of training and experiential learning. I feel thankful that I truly found a passion that inspires me, but that didn’t stop me from constantly experimenting from attempting part time gigs as a wedding photographer, trying to get a band started, graphic design; anything but Management Accounting.

Stubborn Persistence

The part of my brain that seeks security has always been at war with the part that longs to question norms, bend rules and explore opportunities. At my core I am stubborn, sometimes to my own detriment. It’s this stubbornness that pushes me to do things that I think normal people are not willing to do, it’s that stubbornness that pushes me to wake up at 4 AM to start my day because I start thinking that; anyone can sleep, but it takes something a little extra to get out of a comfortable bed.

It was this stubbornness that helped me get from 105KG right down to 69KG with diet and exercise. And it’s that same stubbornness that refuses to accept what is considered the norm. It may sound cheesy but while the comfort zone is great, the space just beyond is at a different level.

Being The Energy

Human beings are complicated knots of emotion, and the best way to connect with that emotion is with empathy. With any of my work that I put out across any of my platforms I always consider it from the perspective of a person who is consuming the said information.

It’s easy to say inspiring things, but it’s far more difficult to also capture and address the mental and physical challenges of trying to change a behaviour. I believe in keeping things grounded while at the same time painting a picture of a future that is possible. And I believe in doing this by generating as much energy as possible in order to try and internalize the impact. Gandhi said that we need to be the change. I think change needs energy and we should all Be the Energy

Transformative Coach

My role as a transformative coach is very future centric. We all have baggage and aspects from our past that drag us down, however as a coach I help you look to transform your current realities to craft the future you desire. This process involves helping you better understand what you really want, guiding you in crafting a path to get there and helping you make better choices in order to transform your life. I have seen clients blossom both personally and professionally as a result of a deeply connected coaching session.


Having had the opportunity to influence thousands of people from diverse corporate backgrounds as a corporate trainer has been unbelievable. As a trainer, my focus is on ultimately helping people to enhance their sense of self awareness and breaking away from conditioning. There’s nothing more rewarding than building confidence and pushing boundaries through engagement, perception channeling and challenging paradigms. I believe that the aspect that I would consider the highlight of my sessions stems from my penchant towards human interaction that makes each session a culmination of Energy and collective Wisdom.


Being a compere is such an intricate dance in terms of finding the right balance of keeping things moving, while directing the spotlight on where it needs to shine. I believe in a minimalist approach that focuses on highlighting the event rather than long talk segments. I love breaking away from how people have traditionally seen comperes and infusing humour at any given chance, mixing up languages to keep the talk segments fresh and always engaging with the audience to make sure everyone is at the same frequency.


Just as the saying goes that we all have at least ‘one book’ within us, I think that given the opportunity and the platform each of us would have some unique wisdom to share with the outside world. I am thankful that my passion has resulted in a platform being created for as a speaker at both public and private forums. My promise as a speaker is to cultivate a mindset that propels growth, offer unique insights, and to ultimately help align professional goals with personal ones; all while helping you accept yourself and maneuvering character strengths towards achieving success.