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As a Speaker

Just as the saying goes that we all have at least ‘one book’ within us, I think that given the opportunity and the platform each of us would have some unique wisdom to share with the outside world. I am thankful that my passion has resulted in a platform being created for as a speaker at both public and private forums. My promise as a speaker is to cultivate a mindset that propels growth, offer unique insights, and to ultimately help align professional goals with personal ones; all while helping you accept yourself and maneuvering character strengths towards achieving success.

As a Compere

Being a compere is such an intricate dance in terms of finding the right balance of keeping things moving, while directing the spotlight on where it needs to shine. I believe in a minimalist approach that focuses on highlighting the event rather than long talk segments. I love breaking away from how people have traditionally seen comperes and infusing humour at any given chance, mixing up languages to keep the talk segments fresh and always engaging with the audience to make sure everyone is at the same frequency.

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